A JUMP Extension for JDeveloper 10g

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Description, Installation & Configuration



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This extension is made out of several components:


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Installation goes exactly like for any other extension. The jar-file called JUMPExtension.jar is to be dropped into the [JDEV_HOME]\lib\ext directory. Then JDeveloper has to be restarted.


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Once JDeveloper has been restarted, the extension has to be configured to work properly. This configuration has to be done once. It is done from the menu Tools | Preferences | JUMP Config. Two values have to be provided: In addition, a radio button will tell JDev where to redirect the output of the different commands, in the Log Window of JDeveloper, or in a separate system console.

Config Panel

Association with the Graphical Resource Editor

JDeveloper now provides the possibility to call an external program or command file from the IDE. The extension comes with a bat-file called runPilRC.bat, to launch the Resource Editor with the appropriate file. We are going to associate this bat file with the right kind of node.



Simplest case: Generate a new JUMP Project

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We want it to generate the simplest JUMP infrastructure. First you need to create a new Project in JDeveloper.
Then, you can invoke the Gallery (File | New), and you select the Projects Node, under the General Folder:

New JUMP Project

Choose JUMP Project skeleton. Once again, this has to be done in an existing JDeveloper Project, as the same JDeveloper project can possibly contain several JUMP Projects.

Welcome Page of the Wizard

Provide some relevant informations


The generated components

Edit a resource file

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If some UI changes have to be made, then you want to edit the graphical resource file:



Whenever you've added some components, the .h file has been changed. You want the java file(s) to reflect those changes.



Select and Paste

Compile and Deploy

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Once your project is ready, you want to generate the prc after it.


Your call!


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Once your project has been generated, you can test it.


Fully featured! With menu and so on!

See the JUMP Documentation for more details about the way to write Palm Applications in Java.

Advanced Topics


Structure of the Shell Scripts

This extension involves three major components: When the deployment is requested, JDeveloper will actually start a script to do all the job, which is called makeJUMP.bat.

@echo off
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------
rem To be used from the JDeveloper JUMP Extension, not in standalone
rem ----------------------------------------------------------------
title JDev Extension for JUMP 2 - Java User Module for Palm
set JUMP_HOME=%2
set J2SE_HOME=%3
set PRJ_HOME=%4
@echo Making project %PROJECT_NAME%
@echo JUMP Tools location %JUMP_HOME%
@echo J2SE located in %J2SE_HOME%
@echo Project directory is %PRJ_HOME%
if "%PROJECT_NAME%"=="" goto usage
goto run
@echo Usage: %0 [className]
@echo [className].jump might hold project properties
goto theEnd
call %JUMP_HOME%\init
@echo Making [%PROJECT_NAME%]
@echo -----------------------
@echo Compiling %PROJECT_NAME%.java
@echo -----------------------
%J2SE_HOME%\javac %PROJECT_NAME%.java
@echo -----------------------
@echo Building %PROJECT_NAME%.asm
@echo -----------------------
pilrc -R %PROJECT_NAME%.res %PROJECT_NAME%.rcp
@echo -----------------------
@echo Jumping %PROJECT_NAME%
@echo -----------------------
java Jump %PROJECT_NAME%
@echo -----------------------
@echo Assembling %PROJECT_NAME%
@echo -----------------------
pila %PROJECT_NAME%.asm
@echo -----------------------
@echo Done !
@echo -----------------------
rem %PROJECT_NAME%.prc
del *.bin
del *.res
del *.asm
del *.class
rem Load the PRC
call ~usrin.bat
del ~usrin.bat 2> nul
if /I "%usrin%" == "Y" %PROJECT_NAME%.prc
rem pause
As seen above, JDeveloper is sending 4 arguments, used afterwards.
All the skill - and configuration - is located in the file called init.bat, run by the above. This script actually sets a couple of environment variables, used by makeJUMP.bat.

@echo off
rem Oliv fecit, A.D. 2002
@echo Setting Env for JUMP 2
title JUMP 2 - Java User Module for Palm
rem JUMP_HOME is the ABSOLUTE location of the current script
set JUMP_HOME=D:\_Jump\jump
rem JAVA_HOME is the ABSOLUTE location of java.exe
set JAVA_HOME=D:\JDev903.1035\jdk\bin
set PILRC_HOME=%JUMP_HOME%\..\pilrc-2.8
set PILA_HOME=%JUMP_HOME%\..\Asdk1a1\bin
set CLASSPATH=%JUMP_HOME%\jar\jump.jar;.
This script has to be modified to fit your environment.

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